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For New Tesla Owners: Essential But Easily Overlooked Top 10 Tesla Protection Parts

Jun 26, 2023 TESEVO
For New Tesla Owners: Essential But Easily Overlooked Top 10 Tesla Protection Parts-TESEVO

As a new Tesla owner, you may not know much about Tesla, especially its protection accessories, which you may not even know where they are installed and what they do. This blog recommends the top 10 common protection accessories for new Tesla owners to help them understand more about this.

The Top 10 Tesla Protection Parts

1.Tesla Waterproof Strip Cover

The rubber sealing ring can effectively prevent leaves and rainwater from falling into the car through the gap of the front cover, preventing the bolts to corrode, making abnormal noises, and affecting driving safety.

 2.Tesla Air Intake Vent Cover

It uses a delicate ABC material frame and stainless steel mesh with anti-rust coating, effectively protecting the air intake filters, preventing mosquitoes, gravel, leaves, and other little items from entering the Tesla HVAC system, which extending its service life.

 3.Tesla Split Insect Netting

The insect net is a protective net installed on the outside of the radiator at the position of the water tank frame at the front of the car. The main function of the car insect net is to prevent the leaves, insects, sand, and other debris from hitting the radiator through the gap of the front bumper, to protect the radiator from damage, and keep the radiator clean.

4.Tesla Front Chassis Coolant Hose Guard Plate

The front chassis coolant hose guard plate is a protective plate that is installed on the front chassis of a vehicle to protect the coolant hoses from damage. It is typically made of metal and is designed to withstand impacts and abrasions from road debris and other hazards.

5.Tesla Cabin Mud Cover

It is designed with a grid to effectively block sand, leaves and other foreign objects from entering the cabin, protecting your Tesla without spending more money on maintenance.

6.Tesla Rear Door Threshold Strip

This is a brand-new, ultra-fashionable, and protective leather cushion for the rear door sill specially designed for the Tesla Model Y. It is made of high-quality Napa leather and fits perfectly with the 5-seat model Y. Not only does it look great, but it also helps protect your car from wear and scratches.

7.Tesla Front Trunk Sink Anti-clogging Accessories

New Tesla owners may not know the front drain channel on the trunk of the Tesla is very easy to collect debris such as dirt, leaves, etc., which blocks the drain channel and causes water to flow back and not drain properly. These drain plugs keep debris out of your front trunk, saving your Tesla from standing water. Use these anti-clogging cover vents from TESEVO to effectively prevent debris from clogging the front trunk drain channel of your TESLA!

8.Tesla Seat Corner Protector

This is a set of Tesla seat Corner protectors, including the driver seat, co-pilot seat, rear middle position, etc. In the daily ride of Tesla, we often accidentally kick these positions, causing different degrees of wear and tear, but this protector can help you effectively solve this problem!

9.Tesla Rear Vent Kick-Proof Protection Mat

Its design matches well with the original rear vent and will not affect the interior style. It effectively prevents high heels and dirty shoes from accidentally kicking into the Tesla‘s rear vent, preventing scratches and paint damage that can lead to higher maintenance costs.

10.Tesla Car Slide Rails Kick-Proof Plugs

This accessory should actually be equipped with the original car, but Tesla focuses more on car safety, so ignoring some of the details. Tesevo provides the car slide rails kick-proof plugs that will fit perfectly with the Tesla, preventing accidental kicks or scratches to ourselves.


These are the top 10 Tesla protection accessories, they are really easy to be neglected, even new Tesla owners are not aware of the need for these accessories to protect their cars. Don't worry, what you can think of or can't think of, Tesevo has it all for you and looks forward to your patronage of our website!

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