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Top 10 Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories for the Business Traveler

Jun 20, 2024 TESEVO

Top 10 Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories for the Business Traveler

The open road is calling, and for the business traveler, it's not just about getting from point A to point B—it's about doing so with efficiency, comfort, and style. Tesla has revolutionized the electric vehicle experience, and with the right accessories, your Model Y can become a mobile office and sanctuary for work on the go.

1.Center Console Storage Box 

Upgrade your business travel with our Custom Design Center Console Organizer for Tesla Streamline your business trips with our custom-cut Center Console Organizer for Tesla Model 3 and Y. Enjoy easy access to essentials, a clutter-free space, and premium materials for a quiet, comfortable drive. Perfect for keeping your travel items organized and your privacy secure.


2. Wireless Charger Holder

Streamline your business travel with the Magsafe Magnetic Wireless Charger Holder for Tesla Model 3/Y/X/S. This holder's strong magnets ensure stable charging on bumpy commutes, while its wireless technology keeps you untangled and connected. Adjust the flexible arm for the perfect viewing angle and rely on its premium build for lasting use. Designed for a wide range of smartphones, it's the ultimate accessory for the mobile professional.


3. Docking Station USB Hub

Get connected on the go with our Tesla Docking Station USB Hub. It offers multiple charging ports for seamless device charging during travel. Safe Charging Technology and wireless charging for your Apple Watch add convenience, while integrated lighting ensures a stylish, cohesive interior. Perfect for business travelers who need a mobile office solution.


    4. Foldable Laptop Working Desk

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Y with the Multi-Functional Portable Tray, perfect for on-the-go dining or laptop use. This foldable, easy-to-carry tray provides a stable surface for work, meals, or drinks, and stores slimly in the back seat pocket when not needed. Durable and convenient, it's a must-have for business trips and family travel.

"I can't travel without my portable desk. It's a game-changer for getting work done on the road." — John D., Business Consultant



5. Steering Wheel Tray

Travel smarter with the Tesla Steering Wheel Tray for Model 3 and Y, designed for perfect fit and multi-functional use. This eco-friendly wooden tray transforms your steering wheel into a stable workspace or dining area, with anti-slip features to keep items secure. Slim, lightweight, and easy to store, it's the ultimate accessory for business trips and family travel.



     6. Front Trunk Storage Hook

Elevate your travel experience with the Tesla Steering Wheel Tray, designed for a perfect fit on circular steering wheels. This multi-purpose tray serves as a laptop stand, dining surface, and organizer, ideal for business trips and family outings. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly wood with a soft edge for added protection, it features a suspended design and anti-slip grooves for secure use. Easily stored in the back seat pocket, it's the perfect portable accessory for the on-the-go lifestyle.


7. Vacuum Cleaner 

Harness the power of our 19,000pa Car Vacuum Cleaner for impeccable cleanliness on the go. With superior suction that outperforms most car vacuums, it's versatile for use in your vehicle, home, or office. The thoughtful accessory kit includes an extension tube and brush head, along with a double-layer filter system that captures both large debris and fine dust. Plus, it transforms into an electric vacuum pump for home storage solutions, making it an essential tool for business travelers who value a clean environment anywhere.


8. Velvet Neck Pillow

Upgrade your Tesla driving experience with our Customized Neck Support Pillow for Models 3, Y, S, and X. Designed with a 3D Concave Curved Surface, it perfectly contours to your neck, easing fatigue and reducing pressure during long drives. Enjoy one-click, tool-free installation for a quick setup that's adjustable to your comfort. Made with premium velvet padding, it's soft, absorbent, and enhances driving safety—perfect for business trips and daily commutes.


        9. On-Board Refrigerator

Elevate your summer road trips and business travels with our Portable Car Fridge for Tesla Model Y. This 15L mini fridge, seamlessly integrated into your vehicle, keeps your beverages and snacks refreshingly cool with its digital temperature control. The robust compressor and Holographic Intelligent Control System ensure consistent cooling without disturbance, making every journey a comfortable and efficient experience.


      10. Sunroof Sunshade
Protect your family's comfort on summer journeys with the Upgraded Design Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y. Tailored for models 2020-2024, this sunshade offers superior UV protection, blocking 99% of harmful rays. Its 1mm dense mesh and collapsible manganese steel frame ensure easy use and storage, making it ideal for business trips and family vacations. Keep your car cool and your travels carefree with this essential summer accessory.


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Buying Guide

When choosing accessories for your Tesla, consider the following:

  • Frequency of Travel: How often do you travel for business? More frequent travelers may benefit from additional comfort and productivity accessories.
  • Type of Work: What kind of work do you do while traveling? If you need to take calls or work on documents, consider accessories that enhance these tasks.
  • Personal Preferences: Some people prefer minimalism, while others like having all the bells and whistles. Tailor your selection to your preferences.


Explore the recommended Model Y accessories and consider how they can enhance your business travel experience. Invest in the right tools to maximize your productivity and comfort on the road.












By integrating these carefully selected accessories into your Tesla, you can elevate your business travel experience. They not only enhance safety and convenience but also improve comfort and productivity, making your vehicle a true companion for your business endeavors.

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Explore the recommended accessories and consider how they can enhance your business travel experience. Invest in the right tools to maximize your productivity and comfort on the road.


Q: Are all these accessories compatible with all Tesla models? A: Yes, these accessories are designed to be universally compatible with all Tesla models.

Q: Can I customize the accessories to fit my specific needs? A: Many accessories offer customization options, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements.

Closing Remarks

Equipping your Tesla for business travel is more than just a matter of convenience; it's about enhancing your ability to work effectively while on the move. By selecting the right accessories, you can transform your vehicle into a mobile office, ensuring that every business trip is as productive and comfortable as possible.

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