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2024 Top 10 Handpicked Accessories for Your Tesla Model Y

23. Jun 2024 TESEVO

 Top 10 Tesla Model Y Accessories in 2024 - Boost Your Electric Ride

The Tesla Model Y has redefined the electric vehicle experience with its sleek design, impressive performance, and cutting-edge technology. But the true potential of this vehicle is unlocked with the right accessories. In this comprehensive blog post, we delve into the top 10 accessories that not only complement the Model Y's features but also significantly enhance its functionality, safety, and comfort. Whether you're a new owner looking to customize your ride or a seasoned driver seeking to refine your experience, our guide has something for everyone.

The Top 10 Accessories Overview

In this section, we'll provide a snapshot of each accessory, highlighting why it's essential for your Tesla Model Y.

1. Window UV Protection Sunshade  6. Head Up Display 4.6 Inch Mini Screen
2. Roof Rack  7. Wheel Covers
3. Front Ventilation Seat Cover 8. Dashboard Display
4. Sunroof Sunshade 9. Smart Buttons Console
5. Camping Mattress 10. Yoke Steering Wheel

In-Depth Look at Each Accessory

1. Window UV Protection Sunshade

Our Tesla Model Y/3 Window Sunshades are a game-changer, combining style with practicality. Made from a blend of muslin mesh and aluminum alloy, these sunshades effectively block heat, keeping your car cooler. They feature an easy-to-use automatic telescopic design for a perfect fit and offer added privacy. Plus, they're easy to hang with snap-buttons, allowing you to use your windows without any hassle. Choose our durable, eco-friendly sunshades for a more comfortable and private drive.


2. Roof Rack 

Unlock your Tesla's full storage capacity with our premium Aluminum Alloy Roof Cargo Racks, boasting an impressive Super Load Capacity of 220 lbs. Ideal for road trips and outdoor enthusiasts, these racks are meticulously crafted from lightweight, robust aluminum alloy, providing ample storage space without weighing you down. Experience a noise-free journey with our innovative Less Noise design, guaranteeing a tranquil ride and the peace of mind you deserve as you embark on your adventures.


3. Front Ventilation Seat Cover

Elevate your Tesla's interior with our Premium Nappa Leather seat covers, featuring advanced ventilation technology and a stain-resistant, formaldehyde-free design. Enjoy seamless integration with your car's style and superior durability. The hidden silent fan, activated by our Automatic Sensing technology, adjusts to your presence for a personalized, comfortable ride, while the Memory Button saves your settings for instant comfort every time you drive.



4. Sunroof Sunshade

Shield your family from summer heat with our specially designed Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y, compatible with 2020-2024 models. This sunshade delivers exceptional UV protection, filtering out 99% of harmful rays. Crafted with a 1mm thick mesh and a sturdy, collapsible manganese steel frame, it's user-friendly and space-efficient, perfect for both business trips and leisurely vacations. Ensure a cool, comfortable car interior and stress-free travel with this must-have summer accessory.


5. Camping Mattress

Give the gift of comfort with our specially designed Camping Mattress for Tesla Model Y (2020-2024). With a supportive 1.95-inch thickness, this mattress provides outstanding weight distribution and maintains its shape without sagging. Ideal for family camping trips or a peaceful night's rest in your vehicle, it brings the coziness of home to your outdoor adventures and in-car relaxation.



6. Head Up Display 4.6 Inch Mini Screen

Experience enhanced driving with our HUD Ultra Mini Screen Display for Tesla Model 3 (2017-2023) and Model Y (2020-2024), designed for seamless compatibility with Intel and AMD Ryzen CPUs. This innovative device boosts concentration and safety by displaying essential driving information directly in your line of sight, reducing the need to glance at the central screen. Stay informed with real-time data on speed, battery usage, gear, lights, turn signals, mileage, time, temperature, and tire pressure. Benefit from our intelligent chip's instant data synchronization and automatic speed limit recognition, ensuring a safer and more connected driving experience.


7. Wheel Covers

Elevate your vehicle's style and protection with our Original Full-coverage Wheel Guards. These 360-degree fit designs not only enhance your car's sporty and fashionable appeal but also provide comprehensive wheel protection against cuts, wear, and rust. Embrace the Wind Resistance Inflow Design, inspired by Bernoulli's principle, which transforms airflow into power, enhancing your vehicle's range. Enjoy a silent ride with our noise-free, precision-fit wheel guards, featuring built-in sound insulation to prevent wheel damage. Complete the luxurious look with body color-matched guards made from high-hardness, temperature-resistant ABS material for a durable and paint-retaining finish.


8. Dashboard Display

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 & Y with our cutting-edge display system that offers zero-delay synchronization of vital vehicle data. Enjoy seamless OTA updates right from your phone. The 2.5D Curved Screen with an anti-fingerprint glass panel delivers a crystal-clear, responsive user experience. Stay informed with real-time data on speed, gears, door status, trunk status, signals, energy recovery, and more, without compromising driving vision. This compact device is designed for quick access and does not obstruct your view, ensuring a safe and enhanced driving experience.


9. Smart Buttons Console

Introducing the Smart Buttons Console for an effortless and elegant driving experience. This innovative accessory simplifies side door opening, passenger seat adjustment, reading light control, glovebox access, and trunk management with just a light press. Designed for seamless integration and ease of use, it brings convenience to both drivers and passengers, enhancing comfort and accessibility in every journey.


10. Yoke Steering Wheel

Step into a realm of enhanced driving comfort and style with our Ergonomic Yoke Steering Wheel. This premium accessory, crafted with genuine leather and carbon fiber, not only elevates your Tesla's interior but also significantly broadens your field of vision, cutting down on fatigue. Revel in the heated comfort provided by 12 temperature-controlled heating wires, ensuring cozy hands on even the chilliest winter drives. Experience the perfect blend of sleek aesthetics and practical innovation.



Each of these accessories has been handpicked for its ability to complement the Tesla Model Y's innovative design and performance. Whether you're looking to boost safety, comfort, or style, our top 10 list is your go-to guide for the perfect add-ons.


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