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TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO TESEVO Wheel Brake Caliper Covers for Tesla Model 3/Y-TESEVO

Upgrade Your Tesla Model 3/Y with Stylish Caliper Covers

Custom Design

The brake caliper cover is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3/Y (non-performance) OEM wheels to ensure proper clearance and a secure fit, which gives your Model 3/Y a racing caliper look. The included stainless steel fastening system is also designed specifically for the factory brake calipers on the Model 3/Y. We adhere to OEM production standards to guarantee safety and durability.

Safe and Easy to Drive

Our caliper brake covers are secured to the wheel with hard-to-release screws and 304 stainless steel clips that are less likely to fall off while driving. Installing the caliper cover will not interfere with your original car's brake use or driving experience.

High Quality Aerospace Aluminum

Our brake caliper covers are made of lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum, which is stronger than plastic, more rust-proof and lighter than stainless steel. 

Provide Protection

Give your Model 3/Y a performance look with these large brake kit covers, these brake caliper covers mount directly on the OEM brake calipers, providing protection from excessive brake dust and assisting in heat dissipation.


The new design makes installation more convenient, This caliper covers comes with complete installation procedure video and instruction book with full set introduction and install steps. Caliper covers are very simple to install without removing any parts of the original brake caliper, not permanent, and have no warranty compromising risk.

Multiple Color Options

It is available in a variety of beautiful powder coat colors (red/yellow/blue/green), including all stainless steel fasteners. Long-term use will not fade and paint peeling, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance.


Available Model: Tesla Model 3 18"/19" 2017-2023 & Model Y 19"/20" 2020-present
Material: 6061-T6 Aerospace Aluminum
Color: Red / Blue / Yellow / Green
Weight: 850g

Package List

4 × 18"/19" Model 3 Wheel brake caliper cover OR 4 x 19"/20"  Model Y Wheel brake caliper cover (the 2 front calipers are bigger than the 2 rear) 
1 × Screws and special tools
4 × White "TESLA" letter decals
4 × Black "TESLA" letter decals


Tools required: Safety glasses, jack pad, wrench (included with set). Note: no special tools, adhesive, or caliper modification required for installation.

Step 1: Identify the appropriate caliper cover to be installed, you have two pieces for the front wheels and 2 smaller pieces for the rear wheels. It should not be an issue to distinguish them. Once you are sure that you have the correct calipers covers you can position them accordingly.
IMPORTANT: The installation approach described below is applicable to both front and rear caliper covers (i.e., the fastening approach is identical).

Step 2: All caliper covers must be positioned with a rubber cap on the upper end of the caliper and the tubing on the lower end of the caliper.

Step 3: Locate the gap between the brake disc and the caliper bracket. 

Step 4: Use the fixed buckle on the caliper covers to hook to the caliper bracket. Push the buckle toward the center until it's flush with the caliper bracket sidewall. 
Note: Make sure the bracket is even on both sides and align the cover center with the caliper center. 

Step 5: Move on to the second buckle. Locate the gap between the caliper and the disc brake. Insert the adjustable buckle and push the buckle towards the center until the bolt holes are flush and aligned. 

Step 6: Thread the hexagon bolt through the buckle hole. Then, attach the provided nut to fasten the buckle. 

Step 7: Tighten the bolt and the nut with the provided tools. Make sure to apply enough force to secure them in place. 

Step 8: Before finishing the installation, verify that the brake disc protective cover behind the brake disc doesn't affect the installation of the buckle. If it does affect installation you can use a flat-head screwdriver to pry it to the side. You can restore it back in place after the buckle is installed. 

Step 9: Next, test the installation.
Place tire back in place. Install 2 lug nuts by hand and see if the wheel interferes with the caliper cover when rotated. There shouldn't be any metal friction noises. 
After confirming that there is no problem. Install remaining lug nuts. Jack down the vehicle and complete securing lug nuts with the appropriate tool.
Drive the car at a low speed and check for any interference or rubbing. There should be no scraping sound. Once you're certain there is no interference, installation is completed. 

Congrats on finishing the installation! 

If you encounter any problems during the installation process, please contact our technical team. E-mail: service@tesevo.com



Q1 - Will the caliper covers fit with my Model 3/Y wheels?
A1 - Yes, our caliper covers fit all versions of Model 3/Y. These custom-fit caliper covers have been designed for optimal fitment for both 18"/19" Model 3 and 19"/20" Model Y factory wheels. Caliper covers will guarantee brake caliper fitment when utilizing the appropriate caliper cover part number specific to the Model 3/Y.

Q2 - What if I have aftermarket wheels?
A2 - Caliper Covers are designed for a close fit. but if you have aftermarket wheels and would like to determine whether you have enough space, measure from the back of the wheel to the front of the caliper. If you have 1/8" (approximately 3mm) of clearance, then you have enough space.
Another much easier way to test if your wheels are compatible: if you can slide two stacked quarters between the brake caliper and the wheel, then you have enough room to fit our product. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any doubt.

Q3 - Are these caliper covers safe for Tesla Model 3/Y?
A3 - Yes! We've done a lot of testing and experimenting to make sure the caliper cover doesn't interfere with your Tesla brake. We've crafted custom brake caliper covers to precisely measure each Tesla Model 3/Y's brake calipers, creating a solid and secure fit. However, it is important to note that caliper covers are purely cosmetic and do not provide any additional performance or safety benefits to your brakes.

Q4 - Do the caliper covers hurt or help with heat dissipation?
A4 - They help. Heat test has demonstrated that caliper covers improved heat dissipation. The caliper cover only covers the front of the caliper allowing all heat to escape up through the top of the caliper.

Q5 - Will caliper covers reduce brake dust on my wheels?
A5 - Customers report a significant decrease in brake dust after installation of their caliper covers.

Q6 - When using regenerative braking with my Model 3/Y, will brake dust or heat dissipation still be factor?
A6 - You'll still use your brakes. But it's true that you'll use your brakes less in a Model 3/Y than someone driving a gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicle due to regenerative braking.

Q7 - What about painting my calipers?
A7 - You can try painting your calipers but be prepared for a lot of work. First, you'll need to get the whole car up on jack stands. Then you'll have to decide whether to paint them in place or disassemble them. Either way, everything will have to be completely clean or the paint won't stick. If you're painting the calipers in place, you'll need to use a brush, but there will be areas that will be hard to get to. Caliper Covers provide a more convenient and cleaner approach.

Q8 - Can I purchase aftermarket brake calipers instead?
A8 - Aftermarket calipers can certainly provide a different look, and, depending on the brand, they might work better than your stock calipers, but the high price point (sometimes thousands of dollars) for aftermarket brake calipers should only be considered if you mainly want an upgrade in brake function.

Q9 - Why not install custom plastic brake covers?
A9 - Installing plastic covers on brake calipers is discouraged by many in the industry. The reason: a brake system converts the forward motion of the vehicle into heat by pressing the brake pads against the rotors, the plastic could melt causing your brakes to malfunction. In addition, be prepared to spend time trying to fabricate them to fit, often difficult installation, and, not worth the hassle. And, post-installation, it can be difficult getting them to stay in place.

Q10 - Does these Tesla brake caliper covers trap heat?
A10 - We designed the caliper caps to dissipate heat. Our specially designed covers transfer heat away from your brakes and through the top of your factory calipers. We keep production standards at the OEM level to ensure safety and durability.

Q11 - Do caliper covers form-fit to the surface shape of my calipers like plastic brake covers?
A11 - No. Our caliper covers simply cover what many consider an unattractive part of the wheel.

Q12 - Can the red coating on my caliper covers hold up to the heat?
A12 - Our caliper covers are powder coated for high heat, durability & toughness.

Q13 - Are caliper covers removable for brake service?
A13 - Yes. Reverse installation to remove, and then reinstall after service.

Q14 - Can I order one with a color of my choice?
A14 - Yes. Our caliper covers are available in red, yellow, green, blue.

Q15 - Does the red used on Performance Caliper Covers perfectly match the Tesla red body paint?
A15 - No, the red used for our caliper covers is called “Red Baron.” It is a fairly standard color used by most of the popular big brake companies. Nearly all customers with red cars are perfectly fine with this color. Since the brakes are not against the body of the vehicle, the red being slightly different is not very blatant or obvious. According to our customers, it blends in nicely and looks very sharp. However, this is subjective.

Q16 - Can I install caliper covers myself?
A16 - Professional installation is highly recommended. Instructions will be provided with the product for the installer.
Note: professional installation of the caliper covers should take 45 minutes - 1 hours depending on the experience of the installer.

Q17 - Where can I find a professional installer?
A17 - In every area, there are competent wheel and tire service centers/shops that have specialty in aftermarket product installation. These installers tend to be the most adept at installs like Performance Caliper Covers. However, it is imperative you ask your installer to follow the instructions provided.

Q18 - Are Tesla brake caliper covers for Model 3/Y worth it?
A18 - Yes, of course! These brake caliper covers are made from the highest quality aluminum, they are durable and will have your Tesla look exceptional. The caliper covers will keep your wheels clean as they reduce brake dust and keep your car clean between washes. Additionally, the caliper cover acts as a heat sink, drawing heat from your caliper. This will help reduce potential brake fade and extend the overall life of your vehicle's brake system.

Shipping and Return Policy

Shipping Policy

1. Processing time
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2) For some tools with TESLA brand labels, the warehouse workers may hide the labels/stickers in the packing boxes. If you don't find the sticker, please contact TESEVO online customer service for help.

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