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Top 10 Must-have Accessories for New Tesla Owners -- Enhance The Practicality and Build Your Original Car

16 juin 2023 TESEVO
Top 10 Must-have Accessories for New Tesla Owners -- Enhance The Practicality and Build Your Original Car-TESEVO

We know exactly what problems new Tesla owners will encounter, so we've been working to provide them with the most practical and essential products. As a new Tesla owner, you may not know what accessories need to be added to your original car, or you may feel inconvenienced in a certain scenario but can't tell what the problem is. Don't worry, Tesevo is here to help you.

Phone Mount

The phone mount is an accessory that all Tesla owners will purchase. It makes it easier to look at your screen, and avoids many of the unexpected situations that you will encounter while driving. The Tesevo's phone mount is paired with a charging feature, which is a better choice for new Tesla owners.

Screen Swivel Mount

The screen swivel mount is similar to the phone mount in that it is designed to enhance the driver's and passenger‘s experience. For new Tesla owners, they may not notice this detail or be aware that the center screen can be made rotatable by installing accessories. The swivel mount can be rotated in four directions and can be kept stable. tesevo's swivel mount can be used for most purposes, making it easy to drive and ride in your Tesla.

Center Console Cup Holder

The cup holder is an accessory that most Tesla owners choose. Tesevo's cup holder has multifunctional features, it not only stabilizes the cups or bottles to prevent slipping and shaking, but also holds cards, cell phones, wallets, cigarettes and other belongings.

Floor Mats

Getting the floor of the car dirty is something that customers dislike very much, which affects their mood and driving experience. Tesevo's floor mats are easy to clean, so the car floor can be kept clean for a long time.

Screen Protector

The center console screen film is very important to protect the screen from damage and also to make the screen clearer and smoother to use.

Center Console Organizer

The center console organizer is to give you more storage space, it divided center console storage space into two layers, the top can put frequently used things, the bottom can put some valuables.

Armrest Hidden Storage Box

This product is very subtle and unique. It is in a secluded location, so that you can create a personal storage space. You can put any items you don't want others to know about.

Wireless Charger

The charging function of the phone is a must in the car. If you didn't buy a phone mount, this wireless charger is also a good choice. You just need to put your phone here to charge it.

Aromath Decoration

Creating an aromatic scent in the car is also something that many customers will do. They pursue a better driving experience and want to create a more pleasant interior environment.

Trash Can

While driving or riding in a car, we often have a lot of rubbish, such as snack packaging, napkins, and plastic bottles. If we don't have a proper storage bag, it will be very inconvenient and may dirty our cars, which requires a trash can to solve this problem.


These are top 10 must-have products recommended for new Tesla owners, which are easy to get and very cost-effective. Tesevo hopes that more Tesla owners will enjoy the convenience and value of these products.

Many of our employees are also Tesla owners, and we extracted information from their preferences and needs to provide the most practical Tesla accessories. We noticed that products offered with this perspective are preferred by more customers. Trust Tesevo, it will bring you unexpected value!

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