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Family-Friendly Road Trips: Essential Accessories for Tesla Model Y Owners with Kids

19 juin 2024 TESEVO

Family-Friendly Road Trips: Essential Accessories for Tesla Model Y Owners with Kids

Taking the family on the road in your Tesla Model Y is an adventure in itself. But when you have kids in tow, preparation is key. This blog post is your guide to the must-have accessories that will make every journey with your little ones safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Child Safety First: Essential Accessories

1. Seat Belt Covers: Soften the impact of seat belts on young passengers while ensuring safety.

Experience thoughtful comfort and style with our Tesla Seat Belt Covers, crafted from high-grade Alcantara material for a breathable, skin-friendly fit that eases shoulder pressure and fatigue. Enjoy the convenience of Velcro installation for a quick and secure fit that enhances your driving experience.

2. Rearview Mirror Camera: Keep an eye on your children with a flip-down rear-view mirror that doubles as a camera.

Discover enhanced driving awareness with our High Definition Rearview Mirror System, featuring dual 1080P cameras for a 170° rear and 120° chassis view, providing expanded visibility and detailed imaging on an 8.2" screen. Engineered for all weather conditions, this system ensures comprehensive road monitoring and safety, day or night.

Comfort for Little Riders: Seats and Padding

1. Waterproof Dog Seat Cover: Pet-Friendly, Child-Safe Tesla Seat Cover.


Protect your Tesla Model Y's interior while accommodating your furry and human family members with our Waterproof Dog Seat Cover. This versatile cover, sized at 53 inches by 47 inches, fits all Tesla models and offers a 4-layer protective barrier. Crafted from durable 600D Oxford cloth with a PVC waterproof coating and anti-skid backing, it ensures the back seat stays dry and clean. The adjustable safety belt and head restraint keep your pet secure, while still allowing access to child car seats. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle's interior is safeguarded against pet hair, spills, and scratches, making it the perfect accessory for families with both children and pets.



2. Front Ventilation Seat Cover : Provide extra padding for car seats to make long rides more comfortable for kids.


Entertainment for the Backseat: In-Car Entertainment Systems


1. Rear Entertainment System: Make use of Tesla's rear entertainment system with child-friendly apps and games.

This summer, make every family road trip a hit with our Rear Seat Entertainment System for Tesla Model Y. Enjoy the sun-soaked adventures with a high-definition IPS display that brings outdoor fun indoors, even on the hottest days. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, your entertainment is always within reach. Dive into a world of multi-country apps that keep everyone's preferences satisfied, turning the Model Y into a personalized entertainment hub on wheels. It's the perfect summer gift for the new dad who wants to keep his family connected and entertained all season long.

2. Display LCD Instrument Dashboard ScreenThe Driver's Best Friend

Introducing the Display LCD Instrument Dashboard Screen for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, designed for families on the go. This HUD HD screen boasts a 9-inch IPS touch HD display with 1920*720 resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight. Specially tailored for Tesla models from 2017-2022, it supports OTA upgrades, offering seamless integration with your vehicle's technology. With built-in GPS navigation and real-time updates, you'll never lose your way. Plus, it's compatible with IOS Carplay and Android Carlife, allowing for a safe and connected drive. This advanced system is not just a dashboard; it's a family travel companion that enhances safety and convenience for every journey with your little ones.

Protection from the Sun: Sunshades and Window Covers

1. Sunroof Sunshade: Protect your car's interior and children's sensitive eyes from the sun.

Meet the Upgraded Design Sunroof Sunshade for Tesla Model Y owners with families in mind, perfectly suited for models from 2020 to 2024. This sunshade is crafted with a dense, smooth 1mm mesh that not only provides superior sun shading and insulation but also prioritizes the comfort and safety of your little ones. The durable, collapsible manganese steel frame ensures easy storage and deployment, while the sunshade's UV protection effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful rays, keeping the car cool for your children. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your family's summer travels are shielded from the sun's harsh effects, allowing for comfortable and carefree adventures in your Tesla Model Y.

Staying Organized: Storage Solutions

1. Trunk Cooler Organizer Insulation Bag: Keep toys, snacks, and drinks within reach but neatly organized.


Embrace the convenience of family travel with our Custom-Designed Front Organizer and Cooler Bag for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Model X. Expertly crafted from high-quality Oxford fabric and insulated with 10mm PE cotton, this organizer is both lightweight and durable. The interior is lined with food-grade reflective aluminum foil and waterproof PVC, ensuring thermal efficiency to keep snacks and drinks perfectly chilled. Designed with a smooth sliding zippered lid, it's the perfect solution for keeping your groceries cold and your family's meals fresh on the go. Ideal for families with kids, this organizer is a must-have for maintaining the organization and comfort of your in-car experience.

2. Cargo Nets: Securely hold larger items in the trunk, preventing them from shifting during travel.

Upgrade your Tesla Model Y's cargo space with our Premium Cargo Net, designed for families on the move. Made from durable polyester and ABS material, this net is thick, long-lasting, and resistant to tears, ensuring your belongings stay secure during travel. With its large capacity, it's perfect for holding an abundance of groceries, toys, and more, keeping your car organized and preventing items from becoming projectiles while driving. The cargo net's envelope style features a stretchy polypropylene fabric pocket mesh, making it incredibly convenient for loading and storing heavy items. It attaches directly to the rear cargo area's mounting points with 4 self-locking hooks, and all necessary hardware is included for easy installation. It's a must-have for parents seeking a safe, tidy, and hassle-free car interior for their active families.

For the Outdoorsy Families: Bike Racks and Surfboard Carriers

1. Roof-Mounted Bike Racks: Attachable to the roof for carrying bikes or scooters.

Upgrade your Tesla Model Y for family adventures with our sustainable Bike Racks and Cargo Carriers. Designed with eco-friendly aluminum, these accessories provide the strength and stability needed to carry all your gear for outdoor trips and long journeys with kids. Their lightweight and aerodynamic design ensures that your vehicle's efficiency is maintained, while the expanded carrying capacity lets you bring along everything from bicycles to picnic baskets. Make your next family outing an eco-conscious and enjoyable experience with our versatile and sustainable storage solutions.

2. Surfboard Carriers: For families that hit the waves, a carrier that can also accommodate other sports equipment.

Discover the perfect storage companion for your family's Tesla with our Aluminum Alloy Roof Cargo Racks. Engineered to support a Super Load Capacity of up to 220 lbs, these racks are ideal for accommodating all the gear needed for your road trips and outdoor escapades with kids. Made from lightweight, durable aluminum alloy, they expand your storage capabilities without weighing you down. The Less Noise design ensures a peaceful ride, so you can focus on creating joy-filled memories with your little ones, knowing that your travel essentials are safely stowed above.


Your Tesla Model Y is more than just a car; it's a hub for family adventures. With the right accessories, you can transform it into a safe and comfortable haven for your children, making every road trip a memorable one.


Q1: Are these accessories compatible with all Tesla Model Y variants? A1: Yes, all the accessories recommended in our blog are designed to be fully compatible with all Tesla Model Y models.

Q2: How can I ensure the accessories I choose are safe for children? A2: Look for child safety certifications and read customer reviews from other parents. We've selected accessories in our blog that are known for their safety features.

Q3: Can you recommend any specific apps or content for in-car entertainment systems suitable for children? A3: There are numerous educational and entertaining apps available for various ages. Consider downloading ones that offer age-appropriate games, interactive stories, or educational content.

Q4: Are there any maintenance tips for accessories like sunshades and seat covers? A4: For sunshades, it's best to roll them up tightly when not in use to prevent creasing. Seat covers should be spot cleaned as needed and machine washed according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Q5: What should I consider when choosing a car fridge for long family trips? A5: Consider the size of the fridge, its ability to maintain a consistent temperature, and whether it's noise-free for a peaceful ride. Our blog features a portable car fridge that meets these criteria.

Q6: How can I keep my children entertained during long car rides? A6: In addition to in-car entertainment systems, consider bringing along travel-sized games, books, or audio stories. Regular breaks for activities and stretching can also help.

Explore our range of family-friendly Tesla Model Y accessories and start preparing for your next summer getaway. Your journey to family fun begins here.

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