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Tesla Model Y / 3 Must Have Accessories for New Owners -- Solve Your Daily Problems

Sep 5, 2023 TESEVO
Tesla Model Y / 3 Must Have Accessories for New Owners -- Solve Your Daily Problems-TESEVO

As a new Tesla model Y/3 owners, you may not know how to choose the right must-have accessories for your daily needs, and Tesevo has provided you with the comprehensive and handy guide designed to take you the least amount of time in choosing the recommended Tesla model Y / 3 must-have accessories. You can go through different needs, or solutions to different problems, to find the Tesla accessories you need.

1. Solve The Trouble of Interior Maintenance

The protection of the interior of your Tesla must be one of the most important parts. The interior is the part we touch the most, and good maintenance can have a positive effect on its longevity. We've picked out some Tesla accessories for you that you may not have realized that these parts need to be protected, and they'll cut down on maintenance costs for you afterward.

2. Solve The Problem of Clutter in Tesla Interior

A neatly organized Tesla interior will put you in a great mood, and this is when storage becomes especially important. We have selected for you the accessories that most Tesla owners choose, which can reduce a lot of trouble for you to organize the interior environment.

3. Solve The Problem of Inconvenience

Tesla is designed to be simple and eco-friendly, so when it comes to functionality, it doesn't meet most people's daily needs. We've provided you with some Tesla accessories that can make your driving easier, aiming to provide you with a more convenient driving environment.

4. Solve The Problem of Sun Exposure in The Hot Summer

Tesla is not excellent for the shade aspect, and on a hot summer day, you'll feel the heat even with the air conditioning on. We've recommended a selection of must-have summer products to enhance your driving experience in the hot summer.

5. Solve The Problem of Camping and Traveling

Tesla's camp mode provides its owners with a premium camping environment, so the camping accessories that go with it are essential. These practical accessories fulfill your needs in different aspects and will bring you unforgettable memories.

6. Solve The Problem of Dirty Floor

Floor mats may do a lot more than you think, they protect your Tesla floor from getting dirty or damaged and also greatly reduce your cleaning costs. This is a great category of cost-effective products that are well worth buying.

7. Carbon Fiber Interior Decoration and Exterior Upgrade

Carbon fiber series is a very important part of Tesla accessories, it mainly includes two main parts, interior and exterior, you can pick your favorite from these recommended carbon fiber accessories. The carbon fiber material looks very advanced and will also provide some protection, especially the real carbon fiber products, which can bring you the ultimate enjoyment.

8. Maintenance and Care

This is an unfamiliar part for a new Tesla owner, and many owners are unaware of these areas that need to be protected. We've gone through professional market research to provide you with these Tesla maintenance accessories that you can simply purchase and install to protect your beloved Tesla.

9. Small Items, Big Functions

Among the many accessories, Tesla owners often overlook these small items, but they are often very practical. From the feedback of many Tesla owners, they may have added to their shopping carts at the time of purchase just because of its appearance, but they all had unexpected gains.

These are the 9 major sections that have been designed to solve the main needs and problems of new Tesla model Y/3 owners, in order to provide them with convenient or practical solutions. Tesevo has always been committed to providing its customers with a convenient shopping process, excellent after-sales service, as well as high-quality products. This Tesla model Y / 3 must have accessories page for new Tesla model Y/3 owners fulfills these conditions and helps them to find the best products for their Tesla.


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