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TESEVO's Origin

TESEVO was born from a shared passion for innovation, technology, and a desire to enhance the Tesla experience. Our founders saw a Tesla and saw possibilities - opportunities to further evolve the future of electric mobility. We were born out of this drive, this desire to continually push the envelope.


TESEVO, inspired by "TESLA" and "EVOLUTION", suggesting innovation and progression in the world of Tesla accessories, while also driving the world towards sustainable development.

TESEVO's Story

Our story began with a simple idea:
To make every Tesla not only a high-performance car, but also an extension of the owner's personality and lifestyle.
This is the core of our "Fun Refit" concept - making car refitting not just for professionals, but a creative process that every Tesla owner can enjoy.

TESEVO's Mission

Our mission is to transform every Tesla driving experience into a journey of new exploration and discovery.

TESEVO's Commitment

TESEVO is not just about creating high-quality Tesla accessories. We're committed to making a positive impact on the world. Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is evident in everything we do - from the materials we use to the way we manufacture our products.

TESEVO's Lifestyle

TESEVO represents not just products, but a lifestyle, an ethos of relentless exploration and never settling. Through our innovations, we empower Tesla owners to relish the freedom and joy of every drive, keeping your Tesla continually evolving.

Why Buy Tesla Accessories from Tesevo?

Trusted by 30,000+ Tesla Owners

Since 2017, we have proudly served over 30,000 Tesla owners, building trust and loyalty through our exceptional products and outstanding service. Our most loyal customers have invested over $10,000 in our products, a testament to the quality and value we offer.

Partnerships with 100+ Quality Factories

We carefully select our partner factories to ensure strict quality control and uphold our commitment to excellence. By adopting the perspective of consumers ourselves, we prioritize quality and practicality, earning the trust of both our customers and partner factories. Our long-term relationships with 30 factories enhance our efficiency and enable us to deliver even better products.

Careful Selection with Only 80+ Products

Discover the carefully selected 80+ products, covering interior, exterior, storage, tires, steering wheels, electronics, and more. We strive to provide our customers with the finest Tesla accessories to enhance their Tesla experience. Whatever you're looking for, Tesevo has the perfect accessory to match your needs and preferences.

Composed of 40+ Industry Elites

Our team is made up of the elites in the Tesla accessories industry who know Tesla and Tesla accessories very well. Most of them are also Tesla owners and taking Tesevo's competitive advantage through their expertise and real-life experience. We are confident that our team will continue to grow and will have over 100 employees in the future.

Overseas Warehouses around The World

We establish overseas warehouses around the world to achieve more efficient shipping and better after-sales service. We cooperate with more than 20 warehouse building companies, and our warehouses are mainly located in Europe and America. In order to let more customers enjoy a quality shopping experience, we will build overseas warehouses in more regions in the future.